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Property Selling Tips
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A good villa in Spain will always be a sought after type of property for investment. Especially if it is located in a convenient location, with high transport accessibility, all necessary communications and developed infrastructure.

First of all, buyers look at ads on the Internet and compare prices. Therefore, before setting a price for the sale of a villa, it is necessary to ask how much similar villas in this area cost. Given these data, you will be able to roughly understand what is the current range of prices for villas and choose the best strategy for selling real estate.

The first and most important thing is to correctly assess the cost of the villa. To assess the cost of the villa, you need to calculate the cost of the land + the cost of the main building as accurately as possible. The remaining points are not of fundamental importance and will not greatly change the final cost of the object. Due to a lack of knowledge and an unwillingness to take a critical look at your villa, most independent sales are delayed in time.

Overpriced villas sit on the market for a long time, thus an eyesore to buyers and their agents. As a result, the seller, disappointed in his house, is happy with the first adequate client, who easily negotiates a decent amount for himself. Setting an adequate price for an object is half the success in selling a villa. Of course, we want to sell the villa not only quickly, but also profitably. However, prices are determined by the market. No matter how much work and love is put into your villa, there may be some features that reduce the cost:

  • difficulties with transport;
  • spring flooding;
  • uneven terrain;
  • cracks in walls or foundations;
  • mold on walls
  • lack of gas or central sewerage
  • other.

There are also cost-increasing factors:

  • flat area;
  • good transport accessibility;
  • location in a populated area with its own internal infrastructure;
  • connection to the villa of all central communications, moreover, water is better from large suppliers.

In order to correctly assess the value of the villa, you should also take care of the house itself so that it has an attractive appearance for the buyer. Here you need to work in two directions:

  1. take out everything superfluous that clutters up the rooms and the plot (and if the house is sold without furniture, then the furniture - so the rooms will look more spacious);
  2. make, if necessary, cosmetic repairs in a neutral spirit (in any case, the buyer will redo everything according to his ideas about design and comfort)

Preparation of an advertisement for the sale of a villa

  • Describe the location and its advantages (reservoirs, forest, transport accessibility, with developed infrastructure)
  • Describe the site: tell us about the landscape, trees (fruit / ornamental), small architectural forms.
  • Describe the main building, floor plan, main structure, materials used in the construction and decoration of the house.
  • Tell us about other buildings: a guest house, a bathhouse, a garage, a greenhouse, a sports or playground.
  • In conclusion, a few words about the documents and the upcoming deal: no one is registered in the house, the documents are ready for the deal, one adult owner, etc.

Experienced specialists Alicante Real Estate can do all the work in a day or two if you have a typical property. A unique building may take longer.

30 days
On average, it takes our agents to sell your apartment
Minimum amount that clients save with us on the execution of transactions
6.000€ OR 5%
On average, our commission is lower than that of other real estate agencies
How we are working?
Our real estate agency with 5 offices makes every effort to quickly and profitably sell your property
  • Property
    We will prepare a comparative analysis of the market price of your property so that you have an idea of the pricing and the sale of real estate is the most profitable for you. We will recommend a price according to your needs.
  • Pre-sale
    We will draw up all the documents and discuss the details and terms of the sale. If necessary, we will discuss the conditions for the repair of real estate.
  • Advertising
    and sale
    After assessing the value of the property, our real estate agency will prepare all the necessary materials, photos, descriptions, videos and begin active work to promote your property on all available platforms.
  • Documentary
    Our in-house lawyer will prepare all pre-sale documents and we will accompany the entire transaction process for the sale of your property.


A villa is a building, a house, which can also be located in an urban environment. Villas are one of the most popular and promising segments of the real estate market in Spain. The real estate market is most developed on the Costa Blanca. More than 10% of all transactions in the suburban market are transactions with land.

According to our data, Spanish economy class villas are in rather high and steady demand.

Are you going to sell a villa, plot of land, house or apartment? With the help of Alicante Real Estate specialists, this will not be difficult! You do not have to put up ads, buy stacks of newspapers or look for buyers on dubious bulletin boards - just fill out the form on this page and wait for our specialist to contact you to conclude a contract for the sale of your property.

We will show you how to sell your villa quickly and profitably, help with the collection of documents, give advice on repairs and assist with the conclusion of a risk-free sale and purchase agreement.

Selling a villa with Alicante Real Estate is very simple - our real estate agency ranks first in the Costa Blanca and we use only the most modern methods of sales and marketing strategies in our work.

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