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Property Selling Tips
Valuate property


The price of a house is influenced by dozens of conditions: whether it is located in the city or in a cottage village, whether it is freshly renovated, which is located next to the building. We list the most important criteria.

legal purity. Buyers are looking for houses with one owner, without encumbrances and with documents. A high price is set for such real estate, because its purchase is safe.

  • Area of residence. Houses in favorable, clean and safe areas always cost more.
  • Technical condition. The buyer wants a home that doesn't leak and doesn't need electricity. If the object does not require repair, its price increases.
  • Infrastructure. Shops, schools and hospitals near the house increase its price.
  • Ready for a deal. Houses without tenants are bought faster than those in which people are still living. People pay more for the opportunity to immediately move into a new home.
  • Season. Demand for private homes is cyclical. Increases in spring and autumn, decreases in winter and summer.

These criteria are used by Alicante Real Estate realtors when assessing the value of house:

  • type of land;
  • availability of documents for the land and the house;
  • legal purity of the object, what are the encumbrances;
  • the size of the plot in acres and the average price of a hundred in the area;
  • the shape and width of the site, the presence of a slope, rise or stones;
  • type of land on the site;
  • the presence of buildings: house / cottage, garage, sauna, barn;
  • readiness of buildings for operation (need repair or not);
  • type of house, its area, what it is built from, age;
  • the presence of a project of a house, a plot (modernity of design);
  • the cost of building a house, taking into account the price of materials;
  • way of organizing communications and their performance;
  • proximity to transport hubs, road surface (soil, asphalt);
  • natural conditions (lake, river, sea, forest, tourist places);
  • remoteness from industrial facilities, large interchanges, landfills;
  • social aspect: neighbors, quality of territory management;
  • history of transactions in the area with similar objects (average price);
  • the average cost of real estate for sale with similar parameters.

If you don’t have time to evaluate the house yourself, then contact the specialists of Alicante Real Estate to evaluate the house for sale.

Experienced specialists Alicante Real Estate can do all the work in a day or two if you have a typical property. A unique building may take longer.

30 days
On average, it takes our agents to sell your apartment
Minimum amount that clients save with us on the execution of transactions
6.000€ or 5%
On average, our commission is lower than that of other real estate agencies
How we are working?
Our real estate agency with 5 offices makes every effort to quickly and profitably sell your property
  • Property
    We will prepare a comparative analysis of the market price of your property so that you have an idea of the pricing and the sale of real estate is the most profitable for you. We will recommend a price according to your needs.
  • Pre-sale
    We will draw up all the documents and discuss the details and terms of the sale. If necessary, we will discuss the conditions for the repair of real estate.
  • Advertising
    and sale
    After assessing the value of the property, our real estate agency will prepare all the necessary materials, photos, descriptions, videos and begin active work to promote your property on all available platforms.
  • Documentary
    Our in-house lawyer will prepare all pre-sale documents and we will accompany the entire transaction process for the sale of your property.


Selling a house is different from selling an apartment. Everyone wants to sell their home quickly and profitably. But in fact, the seller is waiting for hundreds of empty calls, months of waiting, dozens of empty views and a painful price reduction. The transaction can be accelerated or delayed for several months, depending on the actions of the seller.

How is selling a house different from selling an apartment?

Selling a house is harder than selling an apartment. The price of the house is affected by the location, area of the site, technical equipment, quality of finishes, and so on. When buying, the degree of completion of the construction is also important. Apartments are almost always sold in livable condition. Houses are different. The "house" according to the documents, in fact, may turn out to be a dilapidated building or a box without communications.

Home buyers often have many requirements. They take longer to make decisions than those who are looking for an apartment. In addition, the demand for private houses is lower than for apartments, so the sale is sometimes delayed.

Reasons for the slow sale of the house:

  • unobjectively high cost;
  • lack of documents;
  • unwillingness to move out tomorrow (still living in the house);
  • undeveloped area;
  • poor location (bad access road);
  • the presence of encumbrances;
  • pre-sale preparation was not carried out;
  • bad advertising (no video presentation, photos);
  • inability to sell real estate.

You can quickly and profitably sell a house if you competently approach this difficult process. To sell house on your own, you need to be able to correctly compose an ad, study similar offers on the market, and prepare a set of documentation in advance. In addition, you need to have emotional restraint, as you will have to listen to the objections of buyers. It is also important to have free time to demonstrate housing. All these problems can be avoided if you entrust the sale of your house to professionals.

Ask questions to Alicante Real Estate specialists. Get free professional advice on selling your house.

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