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Property Selling Tips
Valuate property

The cost of a land plot is one of its main characteristics; most buyers take it into account in the first place. How to make the price match the content? The cost will be affected by a competent assessment of the land. Many are experiencing difficulties and do not know how to sell a piece of land at a bargain price. Land of the same area can differ significantly in value. For example, a fenced plot or a plot of land with buildings will have a higher price. It is worth noting that the evaluation actions of an experienced specialist will name a more objective and real figure. You can take the cadastral value of the property as a basis, but the best option would be to call a professional specialist from a real estate agency. This will give an additional advantage, because. the price is documented. In this case, all the features of the object will be taken into account:

  • Location, proximity to the city, climate zone.
  • Area, shape, relief.
  • Type of permitted use.
  • Communications.
  • Buildings and their condition.
  • Presence of fruit trees.
  • Condition of local roads, remoteness from the highway.

You can also determine the market value yourself - for this, it is enough to compare your site with land plots that have similar characteristics. But it is better to contact a real estate company in order to objectively assess the cost of the land and the entire territory as a whole.

Experienced specialists Alicante Real Estate can do all the work in a day or two if you have a typical property. A unique building may take longer.

30 days
On average, it takes our agents to sell your apartment
Minimum amount that clients save with us on the execution of transactions
6.000€ OR 5%
On average, our commission is lower than that of other real estate agencies
How we are working?
Our real estate agency with 5 offices makes every effort to quickly and profitably sell your property
  • Property
    We will prepare a comparative analysis of the market price of your property so that you have an idea of the pricing and the sale of real estate is the most profitable for you. We will recommend a price according to your needs.
  • Pre-sale
    We will draw up all the documents and discuss the details and terms of the sale. If necessary, we will discuss the conditions for the repair of real estate.
  • Advertising
    and sale
    After assessing the value of the property, our real estate agency will prepare all the necessary materials, photos, descriptions, videos and begin active work to promote your property on all available platforms.
  • Documentary
    Our in-house lawyer will prepare all pre-sale documents and we will accompany the entire transaction process for the sale of your property.


How convenient this option is:

In order for the process to be launched, it is enough to conclude an agreement. It is important to convey complete information about the object of sale, to show it in full, to tell the nuances. Further, the specialists of our real estate agency will search for a buyer - we will negotiate and show the site. All documents will also be drawn up by Alicante Real Estate specialists - you only need to check them for the correctness of filling in personal data and information on the land plot.

To sell land through an agency means to lose a little in value. We'll have to lay in the price of the land realtor's commission. Then you will receive guarantees of financial security - the specialist will check the documents, protect against scammers, accompany you to the re-registration of property rights. Also, when selling a land plot with a real estate agency, it will save you a lot of time and you will not have to deal with such things as:

  • posting ads on different platforms, using other channels to attract buyers;
  • communication with potential buyers, showing the outfit to interested parties;
  • preparation of documents, including a cadastral passport and an extract;
  • drawing up a contract of sale and purchase, its registration;
  • verification of documents provided by the buyer, for example, a passport;
  • drawing up an optimal scheme for the transfer of funds under the transaction.

The process of preparing the land and selling it is costly in itself, so it will be useful to learn about ways to sell it without intermediaries. A person who does not understand the intricacies of the process does not know how to sell a land plot quickly and without intermediaries. To do this, it is worth studying the preparatory process and stages of the sale of land.

You need to put the site in order, prepare the necessary documentation and study the most convenient ways to find potential customers. The presentation of your property is an equally important aspect that needs to be organized when inspecting the territory. If the buyer agrees to the deal, then the registration procedure must also follow the rules.

How to sell land quickly and profitably?

  • Mowing the grass, removing dry branches.
  • Process existing garden trees - cut dried branches.
  • Tidy up the plumbing and irrigation system, if there are breakdowns.
  • If possible, level the terrain - the site should be convenient for planting and construction.
  • Remove rubbish, dilapidated buildings and items that are not to be used.
  • Repair and paint the fence, replace the old gate and gate.
  • You can increase the value of the land by planting fruit trees that take root well and bear fruit in this climatic zone.

Like any product, the site should look attractive, or better, stand out from the competition. This will attract the attention of more buyers and sell it for a better price.

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