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Property Selling Tips
Valuate property


An adequate assessment of the value of apartment upon sale is one of the most significant stages for the successful implementation of the transaction.

Apartment appraisal is a procedure that allows you to determine the real value of an apartment. It is necessary to make an assessment when making various transactions and operations with property - buying, selling, or when applying for a mortgage loan in a financial institution. It is better to immediately weigh all the important facts before the sale in order to close the deal in a short time, and not stretch the process of selling property for months or even years due to inflated prices.

Theoretically, you can evaluate property yourself. However, for this you will need certain knowledge and experience. The most correct and simple solution is to use the comparative method. See how much similar properties in your area cost and find the average.

Why do you need a apartment appraisal?

Apartment appraisal is required quite often. The most common situations are:

  • Registration of a mortgage loan;
  • Purchase and sale of an apartment;
  • Housing exchange;

In the situation with mortgage lending, everything is quite simple. Valuation certificate is needed, first of all, by the bank. It is important for a financial institution to understand how much money can be given to a borrower.

As for the sale and purchase, the seller needs to understand at what cost real estate can be sold, and the buyer needs to make sure that the price is not artificially high and corresponds to the market.

If two people decide to exchange property with additional payment conditions, then an assessment is needed in order to adequately assess the value of the objects and so that one of the parties does not remain in a big minus.

During the sale, sometimes you have to make price adjustments - both downward, if the property does not find demand, and increase, when it is clear that the property is of interest to buyers and you can make a revaluation. As a result, the price of property is assigned by the seller, and the broker can recommend the best price.

Experienced specialists Alicante Real Estate can do all the work in a day or two if you have a typical property. A unique building may take longer.

30 days
On average, it takes our agents to sell your apartment
Minimum amount that clients save with us on the execution of transactions
6.000€ OR 5%
On average, our commission is lower than that of other real estate agencies
How we are working?
Our real estate agency with 5 offices makes every effort to quickly and profitably sell your property
  • Property
    We will prepare a comparative analysis of the market price of your property so that you have an idea of the pricing and the sale of real estate is the most profitable for you. We will recommend a price according to your needs.
  • Pre-sale
    We will draw up all the documents and discuss the details and terms of the sale. If necessary, we will discuss the conditions for the repair of real estate.
  • Advertising
    and sale
    After assessing the value of the property, our real estate agency will prepare all the necessary materials, photos, descriptions, videos and begin active work to promote your property on all available platforms.
  • Documentary
    Our in-house lawyer will prepare all pre-sale documents and we will accompany the entire transaction process for the sale of your property.


To sell apartment, it’s not enough just to place an ad on the Internet - either no one will call you, or there is a good chance of running into scammers or unscrupulous realtors. If your time is valuable to you and you want to save energy, you need to turn to specialists for help selling real estate.

The main difficulty in selling apartment is finding a buyer who is willing to pay a set price for the property. Sometimes the seller has to make a lot of efforts to profitably sell real estate:

  • make repairs;
  • run an advertising campaign;
  • provide access for potential buyers for inspection;
  • arrange documentation.

Many problems can be avoided when selling apartment if you seek the help of professionals such as our agency - Alicante Real Estate. Selling real estate through a real estate agency has many advantages: it saves time, the ability to quickly find a buyer. You do not have to constantly inspect the object, because this can be done by an experienced realtor. In addition, the lawyer of the real estate agency will check the readiness of the documentation for the transaction, so that at the crucial moment everything goes without unpleasant surprises.

Why is it profitable to sell apartment with Alicante Real Estate?

  • Let us help you sell your apartment. The conditions and cost of selling an apartment in different real estate agencies can vary significantly - we offer the best conditions to sell real estate as expensive as possible
  • Free up valuable time. No need to go from site to site. We are leaders in many respects among real estate agencies on the Costa Blanca. Therefore, you can entrust us with the sale of your apartment.
  • Your reliable partner. We have been in the real estate business for many years. Our reputation is beyond question. Only our company has its own lawyer who will quickly help you to draw up all the necessary documents.
  • Free apartment valuation. Free consultation and real estate appraisal at market price
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