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Property Selling Tips
Valuate property


Valuation of commercial real estate is not carried out by eye. To correctly assess the value of commercial real estate, you need to take into account many criteria.

Correct determination of the price is the most important stage of the process. Not all owners of commercial real estate can do this on their own - it will be necessary to conduct a full-fledged marketing research, study the market and draw the right conclusions. Dozens of factors affect the cost of a property.

For example:

  • location and availability of transport interchanges nearby;
  • type of property;
  • floor on which the property is located;
  • the presence of a tenant and a long-term contract;
  • financial condition of the tenant;
  • duration of ownership of the area;
  • condition of the property;
  • total cost of building operation;
  • the presence or absence of intermediaries (realtors, real estate agencies);
  • assessment of potential income and payback;
  • risk assessment;

and dozens of other criteria...

Valuation of commercial real estate in many ways allows you to see the profitability in numbers or do the opposite.

So commercial property valuation is a key step not only in determining the price you want to ask, but also in estimating the amount you will receive as a result of complex negotiations.

Experienced specialists Alicante Real Estate can do all the work in a day or two if you have a typical commercial property. A unique building may take longer.

30 days
On average, it takes our agents to sell your apartment
Minimum amount that clients save with us on the execution of transactions
6.000€ OR 5%
On average, our commission is lower than that of other real estate agencies
How we are working?
Our real estate agency with 5 offices makes every effort to quickly and profitably sell your property
  • Property
    We will prepare a comparative analysis of the market price of your property so that you have an idea of the pricing and the sale of real estate is the most profitable for you. We will recommend a price according to your needs.
  • Pre-sale
    We will draw up all the documents and discuss the details and terms of the sale. If necessary, we will discuss the conditions for the repair of real estate.
  • Advertising
    and sale
    After assessing the value of the property, our real estate agency will prepare all the necessary materials, photos, descriptions, videos and begin active work to promote your property on all available platforms.
  • Documentary
    Our in-house lawyer will prepare all pre-sale documents and we will accompany the entire transaction process for the sale of your property.


What is commercial property and how to make money on it? Any objects of non-residential real estate - offices, retail outlets, warehouses, sports and hotel complexes, workshops and workshops - are classified as commercial premises.

Such real estate, by definition, should bring income to its owner, and not stand idle, eating money for maintenance.

If you own a commercial space, you have many options to turn it into a source of income.

Here are some of them:

  • equip the facility for personal business;
  • rent it out to other entrepreneurs;
  • sell to interested parties.

The target audience is investors, novice investors (entrepreneurs, people with money), as well as intermediaries: realtors, real estate agencies.

How to quickly and profitably sell commercial property?

  • Prepare as much information as possible. The more information you give to the buyer and intermediaries, the faster real buyers will be found.
  • Reduce the price to the lowest possible. Investing in real estate can be stretched over time. You can’t get out of them quickly, so lowering the price is a real way to speed up the sale of real estate.
  • Increase the number of ads by several times. The more potential customers see your ad, the faster you will find a buyer.
  • Increase the quality of ads. It's about the same selling information. If an advertisement is launched, but there is no result, then in most cases the problem is hidden not in the advertising channels, but in the content, the meaning of the advertising message. Contact an advertising agency that has experience selling commercial real estate.

Information to be placed in advertisements for the sale of commercial property. A potential buyer of commercial real estate needs to know:

  • type of premises: residential, office, warehouse, street retail;
  • the address;
  • object area;
  • ceiling height;
  • electric power;
  • the tenant, who he is and for how long the contract is concluded;
  • monthly and yearly rent;
  • expenses per year for the maintenance of the facility;
  • the cost of the object, the price for 1m2 (you need to have a professional assessment);
  • approximate payback period at 100% load;
  • floor;
  • the presence of advertising space on the facade;
  • appearance of the entrance group (photo, video);
  • transport accessibility: metro, railway and bus stations, public transport stops, pedestrian crossings;
  • availability of commercial equipment, air conditioners, supply ventilation, permits.

You can pass on all the information you collect to us, Alicante Real Estate, so that we can handle the sale of your commercial property. It will be better than if you are looking for a buyer yourself. We will help you save your time and nerves.

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