Today I want to discuss with you the trend of recent years, which leads to an increase in property prices, and in connection with this increase in the price of short-term and long-term rental property. Our company is engaged in short term rentals in Torrevieja for many years, we occupy a leading position in the number of properties for rent. We are the only ones to offer a full range of services related to rental property, including our own laundry and maintenance staff to keep our properties clean and tidy for our guests.  The number of real estate investments for the purpose of renting out properties is constantly growing. And we help you get the most out of your rental property.

Increase in prices for long term rentals.

All the real estate companies are aware of the dissatisfaction of clients with the increase of prices in the long term rentals. Everyone is aware that last year, long-term rental prices in Torrevieja and the region of Alicante have increased by half to two times. Studios for rent were 250 euros, steel for 400 euros, one-bedroom apartments rose from 300 to 500 euros, two-bedroom from 600 to 800 euros. 

The Reasons for the Price Increase

There is no downward trend in property prices. On the contrary, the city has investment, of which we have written previously. Today has a prospective development plan and in the near future the city will change its appearance. Every year, more and more businesses from different countries open new establishments for the residents of the city. If 5 years ago it was not yet noticeable, but now the city is being developed and receives investments in commercial real estate.

Increase in prices for long term rentals.

In addition, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, more than 3,000 refugees from Ukraine and many people who have decided to flee from Putin's regime in Russia have arrived in the city. Naturally, these people occupy all vacant properties rented for the long term, creating an unprecedented shortage of real estate.

A big problem for those looking for long-term rental properties is a huge number of private realtors, who do not have the infrastructure to find new customers, inflate the prices to make more money on the services as intermediaries. Also, long-term rentals suffer because of the increasingly popular scheme, when properties are rented only until the beginning of the season, and from March to April, the property is rented by the day. 

Development Plan Torrevieja

  • Central Mercadona in Torrevieja. The largest store Mercadona in Spain, which has already been completed and put into operation, has been successfully operating for almost six months. Many residents were pleased with the opening of the new store, which has become an attractive part of the modern infrastructure of Torrevieja.
  • The new port in Torrevieja. We have already written a big informative article about the construction of the new port in Torrevieja. The construction zone is closed and construction is actively underway, soon we will have a new port, as part of the modern infrastructure of the city of Torrevieja. The city will be able to attract wealthy clients who previously preferred other southern, port cities to travel and buy homes.
  • Pink Lake homologation. Pink Lake in Torrevieja attracts the attention of all tourists. The lake delights with its views at sunrise and sunset, here you can make fantastic photos. Bathing in the lake was officially banned, but this year the city administration announced the promotion of the Pink Lake as a tourist attraction with the attraction of investments for the creation of specialized places for bathing in the lake. The project includes the regeneration of a large area of the lake and its surroundings to allow bathers to take advantage of the restorative properties of the water and mud. And in addition to the bathing area, it is proposed to create a museum space for the salt industry and a research facility for scientists to further study the therapeutic properties of the lake.
  • Reconstruction of the station park in Asequión. Reconstruction of the park, an ambitious new project of the administration of the city of Torrevieja. As representatives of the administration say, -it will completely change the image of Torrevieja and the area of Asekjon in the area of 40,000 square meters of new green areas, playgrounds, areas for family recreation and senior citizens, as well as remodeling the track for skateboarding and creating an underground parking lot, which will facilitate the extension of the park, maintaining and improving the famous bar and recreation area present
  • Opening a new business. Our company isn't stopping, either, and is working to improve the city's image. On February 11 this year, we launched the largest car dealership selling and repairing cars from Germany.

And many other organizations are working to make Torrevieja grow and become a more visible point on the Spanish map.

Real estate investments

As we can observe, there is no downward trend in demand for real estate. We are ready to offer our clients the most favorable conditions for real estate investments. Last year we also started selling real estate for cryptocurrency. Our company does everything to make real estate transactions fast and as convenient as possible for all our clients. We value our reputation, so each of our clients is very important to us. We successfully work for many years and do not intend to stop. This year we have also prepared special offers for investors, together with the largest developer on the Costa Blanca, now we are ready to offer you even more favorable offers.

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