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Like many Mediterranean paradises, Torrevieja is a relatively young city. Thanks to salt mining, a tiny village with an observation tower has developed into a bustling commercial port city. Since the mid-20th century, the "Old Tower" (literal translation of the Spanish name "Torrevieja"), has attracted the attention of hoteliers and developers. Favorable Mediterranean climate, emerald sea, pristine sandy beaches and the noble benevolence of local residents - have made Torrevieja one of the centers of attraction for investment. Many residents of northern, central and eastern Europe, after being here on vacation, wanted to link with this city the best part of his life by buying a house or apartment. Hundreds of them have decided the question of choosing and arranging their real estate with the help of Alicante Real Estate, a professional real estate agency that works all over the province of Alicante and not only.


Making the city a comfortable place to live and relax, residents have not forgotten about its glorious history. Torrevieja still produces salt and is famous for its organic agricultural products. Moreover, in numerous sea lagoons and SPA-centers you can take salt and sulfide mud baths to relieve stress, rejuvenate the skin and treat a number of diseases. In general, all the urban and suburban infrastructure, as well as stunning natural landscapes and tropical vegetation disposes to a stress-free life. 

Sights of Torrevieja

La Mata and Torrevieja Natural Reserve. It is impossible to get used to their majestic beauty. The water in La Mata Lagoon has a characteristic turquoise hue, due to the saturation of salts. In the Pink Lagoon, as is not difficult to guess the water has this color, due to plant and animal microorganisms (plankton), abundantly inhabiting the aquatic environment. Fans of bird watching will be pleased with the abundance of migratory and endemic species of birds, including flamingos, which have taken a fancy to the coastal banks. With an area of 3,800 hectares, the park provides excellent opportunities for cycling and hiking in the lap of nature.

Las Salinas Torrevieja 

The Spanish are great masters of combining architecture, sculpture and landscape design with the thoughtful practicality of urban infrastructure. Many cities are perceived as one big art-object, combining eclecticism with amazing harmony and comfortable life. Torrevieja is one of those cities. There are no ancient Moorish buildings, but the unique charm of the city, with success, give the parks and architecture of more recent times. 

Park Molina de Agua. is located near the most popular beach of the city. Its main attraction is a small man-made river flowing into a picturesque pond with a fountain. The air of the park is saturated with healing aromas of pine needles and the freshness of the sea surf, which makes a jog or walk especially useful. 

Aromatico Park. The avant-garde landscape design of this eco- arboretum was created by the famous architect Carmen Pinos, who was inspired by the ideas of environmental protection. A walk in the park can bring back thoughts of food, as the air is saturated with the scents of thyme, rosemary, basil and other plants that are the raw material for kitchen seasonings. However, hunger is not a threat, since Torrevieja is full of cafes and restaurants offering both traditional Mediterranean and authentic national dishes at quite democratic prices. 

Doña Sinforosa Park is compact and romantic. The park's stage serves as a gathering place for local musicians, who find an appreciative audience among strolling citizens and tourists. 

Parque de las Naciones Torrevieja

Parque de las Naciones is probably the most famous natural area in the urban environment of Torrevieja. It is located in the old town, about one kilometer from Constitution Square. "The heart" of the park is a picturesque and populated by tame waterfowl in the shape of the European continent. And this is no accident - the theme of the park is the family of European nations. The park is very beautiful, and its rich infrastructure disposes to a great family pastime.  

Water parks. "Aquopolis" is a large water park with 15 water rides and a children's pool. Creative and attentive animators will not let the kids get bored, and the older generation can tickle their nerves on the famous "Kamikaze" slides. "Flamingo" is a more compact water park, without extra "extreme". On the other hand, the ticket to it costs significantly cheaper, and for water fun in a family format, it has everything you need. 

Plaza de la Constitution Torrevieja

The streets and squares of Torrevieja, especially the old town, are sights in themselves and, in part, art objects. 

The Torre del Morro Tower, although far from the original as it has been reconstructed many times, is a true symbol of Torrevieja and a tourist attraction. The cozy square and beautiful view of the sea attracts not only visitors but also locals. 

Plaza de la Constitución. After walking around the stores or entertainment venues it is nice to enjoy a glass of cool tart wine or a cup of fragrant coffee, under the canopy of palm trees, admiring the fountain and the laconic neoclassical architecture of the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Before Christmas there is an installation "Bethlehem in miniature", an area of 220 m, in which the authors have carefully reproduced the biblical city and nine hundred colorful figures of its inhabitants. This original nativity scene is the center of the annual Christmas market. 

The port and wharf of Livante. The atmosphere of the port is always charged with some special energy of hope and adventure, and Torrevieja, the harbor and its surroundings, are literally filled with sights and tourist infrastructure. Livante is the ideal place to contemplate the sunset at sea and the opportunity to try your luck at fishing from the shore. In general, for fans of the sea and fishing, it is possible to rent a place in the marina for your boat, at a reasonable price, as well as hire a charter and go out of the port gate into the open sea for the sport of tuna, and if you are lucky, the sailboat.

Paseo Vistalegre Torrevieja

Submarine S - 61. The moored Daphne-class submarine is a very popular museum where you can get a great insight into the service and life of submariners. The tour also includes a visit to the Coast Guard Cutter. 

Museum of the Sea and Salt. It is a very atmospheric place, with exhibitions covering such areas as salt mining (and Torrevieja remains the largest center in Europe in this industry), handicrafts, underwater archaeology, the Spanish Armada and classic nautical navigation. There is a workshop at the museum. 

Paseo Marítimo's waterfront.  As befits a port city, there must be a statue of a woman waiting for her sailor or fisherman on the coastal cliffs. For Torrevieja is the beautiful Lola, whose sculpture has become one of the local calling cards. The truth is that she is waiting and is sad next to the bench, not on the cliff washed by the surf. This is convenient for a photo shoot, especially since among the sculptures, there are also Man of the Sea and Monument to musicians. 

Cultural Center. It's hard to pass by the building of the original architecture with carved facades, built back in 1882. The interiors with coffered ceilings, paintings and openwork arches, refer the visitor to the times when there was a luxury casino here. Nowadays, this space hosts exhibitions and a wide variety of cultural events. On a daily basis one can visit the library, play billiards, have a snack in the cafe and simply have a pleasant and enjoyable time. 

A more recent architectural masterpiece, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, designed by Adolphe Rodríguez López in 2009, also attracts attention. 

Mercado Central "La Plasa " If you want to understand the soul of the city, you have to go to the market. And in the process of observing and discussing the news, you should buy wine, cheeses, fruit, jamon and delicious sausages, at home or for a picnic. In addition to the central market, Torrevieja has Friday Farmer's Market and Fish Market. Each of them is of interest to tourists and expats.

Entertainment in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is an ideal city - a resort with relatively new buildings, growing and developing. History buffs who want to see Moorish architecture and feel the spirit of the Reconquista should visit the neighborhoods of Cartagena and Alicante, which are only an hour away. 

The rest in the natural and urban parks, a walk by the sea or a stroll along the promenade is only one side of the coin. Torrevieja has a large number of restaurants, bars and clubs. Each of them has its own face, and not to visit them, almost - "a tourist crime.

Restaurants in Torrevieja

Mediterranean cuisine as a separate achievement of humanity is recognized by UNESCO. It is not only a gastronomic but also a socio-cultural phenomenon, reflecting the measured and healthy lifestyle of Mediterranean peoples. The combination of fruits and vegetables, seafood of the highest quality and other organic ingredients, is the key to active longevity and excellent health. Naturally, there are many seafood restaurants in the port city. For example, La Mar Sala, located right in the seafood and gourmet market; Belchica and Restaurant Sunset Beach - restaurants focused on haute cuisine with a Belgian accent; Quesada Fish & Chips - seafood fast food offering far more than just the traditional fish and chips. Spanish cuisine is not only seafood, though it is definitely worth paying attention to, but also paella, in different versions, meat and vegetables - grilled, a varied vegetarian menu of organic fruits and vegetables. Each institution tries to give its own philosophy to the traditional menu and stand out among the competitors. For example, the Villa Salada restaurant takes particular pride in its charcoal-cooked meat and fish, while Arroceria El Sarmiento and Vela Beach have special recipes for cooking with rice. 

Torrevieja is a cosmopolitan and welcoming city, where you can take an entire gastronomic tour within one area. Fusion cuisine, national cuisines, chef's menus and a wide variety of fast food - an ocean of delicious food, for all budgets, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. 

To "burn off" calories after a hearty dinner, you can in the most diverse entertainment venues. 

Clubs in Torrevieja

Spain is undoubtedly a European, and maybe even world, center of club culture. Of course, talking about this side of the entertainment industry, the first place that comes to mind is Ibiza - a cool place to "go wild", but not suitable for everyday life. Torrevieja allows you to combine the quiet tranquility of life in a Mediterranean style and the opportunity, from time to time, to get into the spirit of the nightlife in its many formats.

Fans of rock can have a great time in the small but very atmospheric Grumpsy,s Bar, fans of jazz improvisations will not be disappointed in Stiano, you can listen to covers of famous hits in Jeissie,s Bar, and dance until morning in Velice Discoteca

Velice Discoteca Torrevieja

There are tango clubs, karaoke, Irish and non-Irish pubs and other venues for all ages and tastes. 

Tired of the noise of the institutions, you can always stroll along the beautifully lit and safe paths of parks and enjoy the Mediterranean sunrise on the waterfront.  

Torrevieja combines provincialism (in the best sense of the word) and conditions for the most diverse leisure. It is not boring to rest and comfortable to live here. Many residents of northern and central Europe dream of a house or apartment on the coast in Spain. And a large percentage of those who are ready to implement these plans, choose Torrevieja. 

Areas for living, recreation and investment

Urban zoning in Torrevieja is rather conventional, however, these areas have different conditions of development and tourist attendance, which is of obvious interest to a potential investor.

Centro (Central District). The oldest area adjacent to the port. It is easy to see that many of the attractions and businesses mentioned in this article are localized in this area. Centro is characterized by a high building density. New construction is limited and, as a rule, is carried out on the site of demolished buildings that do not represent historical value. If walking distance to administrative, cultural and shopping facilities is important to you, as well as being in the midst of events, then the central area is what you need. Keep in mind that traffic and parking on narrow streets is problematic. The center has many residential centers with underground garages and parking lots, where you can buy a studio, apartment, duplex or penthouse.  Housing is fairly good, but the development is not new.

Playa del Cura. Adjacent to the Centro area, similar to it in many ways, but more focused on recreation. The relatively remote from the beach area is a modern building, which makes a more diverse choice in favor of higher quality housing. The area is saturated with retail outlets, restaurants and bars. Naturally, so you don't have to drive half a day looking for a parking space, you should consider buying a garage or underground parking space. The area is well worth considering for investment housing buyers as during the high season the demand for rental apartments far exceeds the supply. If you're closer to the beach, you can expect to find apartments in older standard complexes, but this is not crucial for tourists and they are happy to rent apartments. In the new construction, on more distant lines, you can count on a higher standard of housing.

Los Locos Torrevieja

Playa del Los Locos area. All commercial activity, in the area stretching along the coast to the north, is concentrated on the front lines. Deeper is a cozy, quiet bedroom community, with a high percentage of new construction. For shopping, most likely, you will have to go to the center, but there are no problems with parking. The area is popular with those who like to combine beach vacations, diving and fishing with a quiet night's sleep and siesta. The investment appeal is comparable with Playa del Cura.

District Nueva Torrevieja - Aqas Nuevos. A huge and rapidly developing area favored by locals and expats for a comfortable permanent residence. There are few high-rise buildings, mainly low-rise buildings of bungalows, townhouses, semi-detached cottages and villas. Along the avenue Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas, the commercial infrastructure (malls, car dealerships, etc.), educational institutions and consumer services are concentrated. Cafes and restaurants are more oriented towards the local public than tourists. The area will be of interest primarily to those who value a thorough and comfortable life, some distance from the beach bustle and nightlife of the old town. In terms of investment, there is obvious interest for developers and tenants focused on long term rentals.

District El Acequion - Los Naufragos. The southernmost district of Torrevieja is characterized by eclectic development. Here you can find all types of housing - from apartment buildings, to villas. Since the area is located entirely along the coastline, it is popular for renting apartments. Those who choose this location for permanent residence should take into account the high humidity of the local air, which is not suitable for everyone. 

District La Siesta - El Salado - Torreta is located in the west, between the two aforementioned lagoons. District of low-rise buildings with well-developed infrastructure. A hypermarket, several supermarkets, a clinic, a police station and convenient access to the main highways - allow an autonomous and mobile lifestyle. The area is popular with tourists who appreciate the unique healing properties of the lake and the tranquility of the natural landscape. 

District Los Balcones - Los Altos del Eden is adjacent to the southern shore of the Pink Lagoon, and is the most prestigious area of Torrevieja. It is built mostly cottages and villas with well-developed infrastructure, consistent with the high class of area. Area is very popular with the British and the inhabitants of the north of continental Europe, both for buying and renting villas. The proximity of tennis courts and golf - clubs, as well as the absence of the noisy bustle inherent in the central areas - attracts people with a little more than average income. 

Investment advantages

Prices for Spanish real estate of the appropriate class have always been more democratic than in European countries with colder climates. Restrictions and financial support measures, during the pandemic, and the gradual removal of forced barriers, led to the formation of pent-up demand and its realization. For 2022, in some segments, the number of transactions increased fourfold. However, the dynamics of real estate prices growth is not that significant yet. It's high time to realize your life plans and business opportunities and make profitable investments in terms of your own comfort and income. Isn't it? 

In this beautiful endeavor, you will be happy to help the experts of Alicante Real Estate, knowing Torrevieja, Costa Blanca and the province of Alicante like the back of your hand.  Personal manager will provide you with expert advice, taking into account the wishes and planned budget and will select and display options for property, and lawyers will ensure impeccable transactions and advise on taxation. For owners of investment properties we will rent it on favorable terms, and take care of all maintenance works during the absence of the owner. 

With us - to success! See you soon!

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