Alicante Real Estate Agency always puts its clients first. Year by year improving and upgrading service, we have become one of the fastest growing companies on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Of course, along the way we have had challenges, which have accumulated into a single base and on which we are now starting to work hard. To remain among the leaders in the market, among other real estate agencies we have prepared many innovations in customer service. These innovations will improve the experience between employees and clients. 

Every company needs to evolve and make more and more profit.

The plan is to roll out the new IT infrastructure by the end of this year. Design of an innovative CRM system for a real estate agency has already started, which will improve sales results and bring the company to a new level of work. 

Website development

Website development

Website development in Spain, unfortunately, is at a very low level, so we have chosen a team of professional developers from the company "Expert", which can perform all tasks.

The company "Expert" is engaged in website development for a long time and already has experience in designing large systems, including real estate portals. The team develops websites and mobile applications, as well as provides comprehensive Internet marketing services.

For the new site to be successful, our marketer will be constantly involved in the process of creating the system. Each step of the work is coordinated and tested with our employees, from the ordinary manager, to the agency owners. 

CRM system for real estate agency

CRM system for real estate agency

The new CRM system for our agency will allow better control of all the processes of our employees, allowing them to receive the best service to buy property in Spain. Integration of CRM in all stages of the sale and purchase of real estate transaction status control. New 

Developing a new website is only half the battle. It needs to be constantly worked on to improve results. As early as next year, we plan to start scaling the company to other regions in Spain and will be looking for new partners. We are always open for new projects and are ready to carry out large-scale investment projects. 

Our company is open to cooperation, write to us and we will find common ways for joint projects. 

Always successful!