Strictly speaking, La Mata is not a city, but a district of the urban district of Torrevieja.

Bordered on the west by the beautiful natural park Gudamar del Segura, La Mata is an island of measured and eco-friendly resort life, with a well-developed infrastructure. The center of Torrevieja is at the service of lovers of noisy city entertainment, and this piece of paradise has become a “quiet bay” with all the amenities that attracts, first of all, those who are tired of doges and cold weather, residents of Great Britain and the countries of northern Europe.

The history of the area, like that of Torrevieja itself, is inextricably linked with salt mining. In the 19th century, the district even had its own judicial representation and through the centuries carried a certain sense of autonomy from neighboring urbanizations.

La Mata beach

The hallmark of the La Mata area is the beach of the same name, forty meters wide and 2300 meters long along the coast. Despite the impressive size, the infrastructure of the beach is not satisfactory.

A wide embankment, children's and sports grounds, fountains, lockers, rescue towers and medical aid points - everything is conducive to a comfortable and safe pastime. Numerous rental points, attractions, bars and restaurants are responsible for entertainment, the most famous of which are Queen Mississippi and Vela Beach. There is no crowding and fuss on the beach, it is an ideal place for a relaxing family holiday, just like the La Mata area itself - for living in a similar style.

Behind the beach is Molino del Agua Park - a popular place for walking and jogging, saturating the lungs with air saturated with a life-giving combination of phytoncides and sea salt.

The length and openness of the beach make it popular with surfers, and less experienced swimmers should beware of large waves periodically rolling in the late afternoon.

landscape parks

It is pleasant and informative to walk among the sand dunes of the Gudamar del Segura park, but it is better to walk along wooden paths so as not to harm the fragile ecosystem.

Lovers of birdwatching against the backdrop of majestic natural beauty cannot fail to visit the pink salt lagoons of La Mata and Torrevieja. The Emerald and Pink Lagoons are probably the most famous landscape sights of the province of Alicante, favored by pink flamingos and other species of endemic and migratory birds.

The park area is landscaped and equipped with barbecue areas. Since this natural gem is under protection, beginners should be aware that swimming in the lagoons and deviating from tourist trails and recreational areas is prohibited in order to protect the unique flora and fauna.

City life

The special atmosphere of a carefree Mediterranean life can be imbued in numerous shops and cafes on Plaza de Encarnacion Puchol, a favorite venue for fiesta and other city celebrations. It is worth regularly visiting the farmers' market in the La Lecha street area, which is open on Wednesdays from morning until lunch. The famous jamon, cheeses and delicious dry-cured sausages, organic vegetables and fruits go well with local wine.

Despite its relatively modest size, La Mata is a desirable and popular place for those who appreciate peace, comfort and a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, real estate prices here are reasonable and there is a steady demand for short-term and long-term rentals.

Another feature of the municipal area is its stretch along the coast and it does not go deep into the mainland. Thus, the buyer of housing is at most on the sixth line from the beach, which is convenient for frequent walks on the coast.

The combination of natural splendor with a developed urban infrastructure makes La Mata popular with expats and tourists who appreciate a quiet beach holiday and the quiet life of a prosperous residential area.

The area is dominated by multi-apartment development, but in the nearest settlements there are more chances to buy a bungalow, a villa or even a vineyard with a chateau.

Other suburbs of Torrevieja

Let's drive north along the coast and visit some small towns.

  • Lomas de Polo-Pinomar - the settlement is located in a pine forest, near the highway number 332. Quiet place for your own. This is largely due to the fact that the local beach has long been chosen by nudists.
  • El Moncayo area further and across the road and roundabout and large market. Not the most popular place among foreigners. On the other hand, housing prices are lower here, and the sea is not far away.
  • Campomar. An isolated area with private houses and elite urbanizations, some of which have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Guardamar del Segura. An expensive and compact city with a yacht marina at the confluence of the Segura River into the sea. There are no "bad" areas and life is full of serenity. The place is popular with tourists, there are two well-maintained beaches, hotels and related infrastructure. In addition to the general charm of the city, the local castle and archaeological museum deserve attention. In the north of the city there is an area of fishermen's houses, which is a kind of attraction. Buyers need to be vigilant because some buildings violate the law on the permissible proximity of housing to the surf zone (100m). It is impossible to make major repairs in such real estate, and this is unlikely to suit the investor, and its liquidity is more than doubtful.
  • Urbanization of El Eden. A favorite place of residence for immigrants from Scandinavia and the UK. A truly sleeping and prosperous area with golf courses and no car traffic inside the building.
  • Ciudad Quesada. - The city is relatively young - in 1972, a major Spanish entrepreneur conceived and implemented a building project. The calculation turned out to be correct, and by now the city has already swallowed up neighboring villages. 90% of the city is one or two-story buildings. The streets of the city, as it were, entangle a picturesque hill, due to which a beautiful view opens from almost every house. 75% of the city is populated by immigrants from the UK, central and northern Europe, and this is no coincidence - the relict forest, the golf course and the sea are in close proximity, combined with a good opportunity to get to Alicante airport along the AP-7 highway in 30 minutes.
  • Rojales and Benijoafar These two villages are more eclectic and have a more diverse population. The Segura River flows through the city, and it is surrounded by vineyards and citrus plantations.

So, if you dream of investing in winemaking in a country where the sun shines 300 days a year, you should take a closer look at these places.

So, La Mata serves as a kind of cozy bridge between the more urbanized Torrevieja, through the coastal villages to the rural pastoral of vineyards and tangerine groves. In this segment, you can find real estate offers in a wide range, both in terms of format and price.

Real experts from the Alicante Real Estate agency will be able to help you choose the most suitable option for realizing your dream - a personal manager will provide you with qualified advice, taking into account your wishes and the planned budget, will select and show real estate options, and in-house lawyers will ensure the impeccability of the transaction and give advice on taxation. For owners of investment property, we will ensure its rental on favorable terms, as well as take care of all the maintenance, during the absence of the owner.

Call now and make your dream come true with Alicante Real Estate!

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