When I joined Alicante Real Estate, one of the important decisions I made in the beginning was to start and run my own real estate channel on YouTube.  

I didn't want to just make videos showing real estate properties, I tried to get creative. In each short video, in addition to the characteristics of the property, we talk about the characteristics of the area and truthfully note the pros and cons of the object. 

Honesty - the key to an impeccable reputation, and the reputation for the real estate agency in Spain, is a very important thing.

Here is a list of all our channels with real estate videos. On channels we are happy to answer all your questions about a particular property, price or region. Our agency is always at your service. 

Real Estate Channel in English

One of the first real estate channels was the official English channel Alicante Real Estate. Today it has more than 5000 subscribers, it is the fastest growing real estate channel in Spain. We'll continue to work on the channel and improve the quality of information in the video. 

Real Estate Channel in Spanish

Our second real estate channel, in Spanish. We want property owners to know about our company and the quality of our work, so it is very important to communicate with the audience in their native language in the country where we operate. If you want to sell your property in Spain, please fill out our contact form and we will promptly handle the sale of your property. 

Real Estate Channel in German

As we speak German with ease, last year we announced the launch of a separate channel about real estate in Spain in German. This channel has just begun its development and too early to brag about the number of subscribers, its success is ahead. 

Channel about real estate in TikTok

And of course we have not forgotten about the most modern methods of delivering information to the consumer. TikTok is the social network with the most sophisticated and perfect recommendation system in the world. Today it is the most dynamically developing project in the history of the Internet. Our company could not avoid it, and we are just beginning to integrate into this system. 

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