Real estate agency Alicante Real Estate opens in the city of Torrevieja (Spain) a laundry service for hotels, inns, hostels and other establishments. We provide high quality laundry service. Initially, Eco Blanco laundry was used by us to solve our own problems. But thanks to the expansion of the area of the enterprise, we are now ready to provide such services to other institutions in our region.

Laundry for corporate clients

Any hotel or real estate agency that offers apartment rentals cares about its reputation. The cleanliness and order in the rooms positively affects the attitude of guests to the institution. To achieve it, it is necessary to regularly clean textiles and wash linen. Laundry Eco Blanco will help you always have fragrant, fresh and soft linens, snow-white towels and cozy bathrobes.

Washing a large amount of laundry is a difficult task. If your hotel does not have its own laundry, we are ready to take care of the issues related to the washing of any textiles. From towels to linens. You can conclude an agreement with us for a one-time or regular washing of your clothes.

Eco Blanco Corporate Laundry provides a complete laundry and care solution for linens and textiles used in hotels and rental housing.

Laundry Eco Blanco - fast and high-quality laundry care

Our laundry clients have access to a full range of professional laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services used in hotels. Let's execute processing of textile production of any type. Employees of our laundry will ensure prompt and high-quality execution of orders of any complexity and volume.

Laundry Eco Blanco has all the necessary equipment to meet the needs of customers in washing and cleaning linen. Including the one that is intensively used daily by clients of hotels and rented apartments. You can order washing and cleaning of the following types of textile products from us:

  • pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers and other types of bed linen;
  • cotton and terry bathrobes used by hotel guests;
  • cloth napkins and tablecloths used by hotel restaurants;
  • curtains, fabric blinds, blankets and other interior textiles;
  • uniforms for maids, porters, concierges, porters and technical staff.

Please note: We provide our services to hotels of any type. Starting from large hotels and ending with small family hotels.

Laundry services for businesses in Torrevieja

Used equipment and cleaning products

Our laundry uses premium equipment from the most famous manufacturers from Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Laundry is cleaned using environmentally friendly products of the latest generation, effective bleaches and air conditioners with a pleasant smell. In the Eco Blanco Laundry, you can clean any dirt and return the linen to its impeccable look.

When working with linen, the laundry staff conducts a thorough sorting. This allows you to choose the most effective program for each type of thing. Thanks to individual conditions and attentive approach, the quality of services from our laundry will please the most sophisticated client. We are sure you will highly appreciate our work.

Please note: We use only high-quality detergents from well-known manufacturers. Thanks to this, we guarantee not only the cleanliness of linen, but also careful attitude to fabrics. This allows you to extend the life of the material.

Benefits of Eco Blanco Laundry

When contacting us, clients receive the following benefits:

  • Save time. We do laundry and cleaning every day, 7 days a week. Drying chambers operate around the clock.
  • Getting rid of unnecessary trouble. Our clients don't have to go anywhere. We will provide special equipment for the delivery of linen from your hotel to our laundry.
  • Avoiding unnecessary expenses. Eco Blanco customers do not need to hire staff and purchase laundry equipment. It is enough to conclude a contract with our company.

Eco Blanco laundry service cost

The final cost of laundry and cleaning services depends on the weight of the batch and the type of textiles used. Each item needs an individual approach. Also, the price is affected by the presence of additional services: drying and ironing clothes. If the client requires the removal of dirty and delivery of clean linen, this also increases the cost of the service.

In any case, the cost of our laundry will help you save your own money. After all, you do not have to spend money on the purchase and maintenance of equipment, salaries for staff.

Why do customers choose Eco Blanco Laundry?

We have been using the possibilities of our laundry for a long time to solve our own needs. Today it's time to provide such opportunities to a wide range of consumers. We do our work qualitatively, we provide services at low prices. In our laundry, the workflow is organized clearly and competently. All orders are completed on time. To use Eco Blanco laundry services, you need to contact us in any way possible.

Laundry for business Torrevieja

At the moment, we are already finishing work on the renovation of the premises for our laundry. As soon as the work is completed, we will announce the opening. We will be glad to see you among our clients.

Laundry services for businesses in Torrevieja

Laundry services for businesses in Torrevieja, Spain are an essential service that help keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. These services are available for a wide range of businesses, from hotels and resorts to restaurants and medical clinics.

One of the key benefits of laundry services for businesses in Torrevieja is the time and energy saved for business owners. Rather than having to spend time and resources on washing and ironing linens and uniforms, businesses can outsource this task to a professional laundry service. This allows business owners to focus on running their operations and providing excellent service to their customers.

Another benefit of laundry services for businesses in Torrevieja is the high-quality results that they provide. Professional laundry services use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that linens and uniforms are thoroughly cleaned and pressed to a high standard. This means that businesses can present a clean and professional image to their customers, which is essential for building trust and credibility.

In addition to standard laundry services, many businesses in Torrevieja also offer specialized services such as dry cleaning and alterations. These services are particularly useful for businesses that require a high level of care and attention for their garments, such as hotels and resorts.

It's important to note that many laundry services in Torrevieja offer flexible pick-up and delivery options to suit the needs of different businesses. Some companies offer daily pick-up and delivery, while others offer weekly or bi-weekly services. This allows businesses to choose a schedule that works best for them and their operations.

Overall, laundry services for businesses in Torrevieja are an essential service that help keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. These services offer a range of benefits, including time and energy savings, high-quality results, and specialized services. Businesses of all types can benefit from laundry services, and with the many options available in Torrevieja, it's easy to find a service that meets the needs of your business.

It's worth to research and compare the services and prices of different laundry services before making a decision, to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. And also, ensure that the company you choose has a good reputation and positive reviews.

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