Alicante is the informal capital of the Costa Blanca. The port city has become a real Babylon for tourists and expats from different countries, combining the inherent culture of Spain, hospitality, historical flavor and developed infrastructure against the backdrop of picturesque nature and a healthy Mediterranean climate. It is no coincidence that more than half of the foreigners who decide to purchase Spanish property have opted for the province of Alicante, as well as its main city. To understand the attractiveness of this heavenly place, let's take a virtual walk through the districts of the city.


Centro area. As usual, in many coastal cities, the center is understood not as topographical boundaries, but as places of attraction for social and tourist activity. In turn, zones associated with certain historical, entertainment or commercial objects took shape in Centro. At the foot of Mount Benacantil is Casco historico, where everything is imbued with the spirit of the times. Old residential buildings in the Moorish style, the Church of St. Mary, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the visiting card of the city - Santa Barbara Castle, located on top of the mountain, are key points of the cultural route through the city. In the high season, nightlife is in full swing here, and during the day you can directly go to the central beach of the city of Playa Postiquet.

Centro Tradicional is a coastal "party" area adjacent to the marina. The area is full of entertainment venues and is popular with both tourists and locals who want to take a promenade along the promenade.

Ensanche Diputation is a business and shopping district, which is adjacent to the central market, a very interesting architectural solution, and an old bullring, with an adjacent square.

The central area is of interest to investors who want to profitably rent out real estate to tourists or control their commercial facility, as well as for those who like to live in the thick of things.

By the nature of the development, the investor can mainly rely on housing in apartment buildings of various years of construction, from a studio to a penthouse.


Pla del Bon Repos-La Goleta-San Anton. The area also combines historic development and new development, is adjacent to Mercado Central and is more suitable for permanent residence. Although, everything is conditional and to the main tourist places, literally 30 minutes walk. There are gypsy quarters in the area, but this does not mean that crime flourishes there. Spanish gypsies are quite normal citizens who simply bring their ethnic flavor to everyday life. Residential development, in general, resembles the center, but the prices are more democratic.

Campoamor-Carolinas-Altozano / Juan 23 / Los Angeles-Tombola-San Nicolas. These three residential areas are inhabited by a very diverse ethnic group. Equally eclectic and multi-storey buildings, mostly. In all areas there are "oases" of closed residential complexes with comfortable modern infrastructure, typical for Spain, apartment buildings of various years of construction and more modest buildings in emigrant quarters. "Stone jungle" is diluted with greenery of beautiful park areas, and standard buildings alternate with ancient architectural delights of historical objects. In these areas, you can find very budget housing, but it is worth visiting the object you like at night. It's not about crime, just quiet during the day, streets, parks and "wells" of houses, with the onset of darkness, can turn into places of very noisy parties, which not everyone will like.

San Blas-Pau (Pau 2). Calm, adjoining Centro and rapidly developing area with more expensive apartments than in the previous three areas.

Benalua - la Florida - Babel - San Gabriel. Part of the area, called Benalua, is characterized by a calm and friendly atmosphere, developed infrastructure and transport accessibility (near the railway and bus stations). la Florida is similar to Benalua in all respects, but there are more immigrants among the population. Babel is an industrial area adjacent to the commercial port of San Gabriel. San Gabriel is an ecological pearl of the area with a palm park and a green area conducive to leisurely walks. There is not so much housing here, the more valuable this place is for connoisseurs of a quiet life among the "tropics" with all the city's amenities within walking distance. This part of the region has its own access to the sea. The coast is little known to tourists, which allows locals to enjoy beach holidays and fishing without the fuss that comes with public beaches.

Parque Avenidas-Vistahermosa. This is a prestigious area full of comfortable housing, usually with swimming pools. Closed urbanizations here coexist with cozy townhouses and cottages with their own parking spaces, manicured lawns and barbecue areas. Parque Avenidas is saturated with private schools, large chain stores, beauty salons and restaurants. Vistahermosa is an ideal place for connoisseurs of a calm and measured life away from the bustle of the city.

Alicante Port

Playa de San Juan - El Cabo. Despite its remoteness from the center, the area is self-sufficient and popular with tourists. The point of attraction for guests and citizens is a spacious beach, 70 m wide and several kilometers long. Even on the clearest days of the high season, the beach is not as crowded as on Playa Postiquet. The coastline is built up mainly with apartment buildings. The zone is very popular with investors, and many residents of northern Europe buy apartments here for short-term rent and spend their own holidays. Often, apartments are sold out even at the level of a residential complex project. Behind the lines of residential buildings is the green zone of Alicante Golf. It is easy to guess that the sub-district is ideal for lovers of this noble sport and the corresponding lifestyle.

The Cabo de las Huertas zone is located on a promontory protruding into the sea. The rocky shores are quite steep, so some residents prefer Postiquet beach, although many prefer the romance of the coastal lagoons of the cape.

The development in these locations is represented mainly by townhouses, extremely popular with the British and residents of the north of the continent.

Investment in real estate Alicante

Starting in the tourist bustle of the historic center, our virtual tour ends in the surroundings of green golf courses and the sound of waves breaking on the rocks of rocky lagoons.

And in this diversity, there is a main attraction for investors of the province and the city of Alicante. A party-goer - a nightlife lover, an introvert enjoying meditation in the bosom of nature, a businessman, a passive investor, or just a migrant - here everyone will find a property for themselves in any price segment.

And the opportunities to make good money in the high season in tourist areas, enjoy the mild Mediterranean winter on golf courses and coasts and Mediterranean cuisine at any time of the year are supported by the presence of first-class infrastructure and an airport with a passenger flow of 13 million people a year.

Alicante Spain

We hope that you are interested in Alicante, imbued with the spirit of the times, happily living and looking to the future. Our tour was very superficial, and experts from the Alicante Real Estate agency will help you get comprehensive advice on investing in real estate in the city and province. A personal manager will help you choose the best location, taking into account your wishes and planned budget, select and display real estate options, and full-time lawyers will ensure the impeccability of the transaction and give advice on taxation. For owners of investment property, we will ensure its rental on favorable terms, as well as take care of all the maintenance, during the absence of the owner.

Contact us in any way convenient for you and take the first step towards realizing your dream!

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