Rent out property. Rental agreement

  1. Ownership document. His data must be entered into the contract;
  2. Passport data. Be sure to indicate the passport data of both the tenant and the landlord;
  3. Rent. The monthly amount of payments is written not only in numbers, but also in words - in brackets after the numbers. This will help avoid misunderstandings in the future;
  4. Lease term. Typically, the contract is for six months, 11 months or a year. In the event that the date of termination of the contract is not indicated, disagreements may arise in the event of its early termination;
  5. Calculation procedure. This paragraph must indicate on what date the tenant transfers the money to the landlord;
  6. Payment of utility services. Be sure to specify who pays utilities. Typically, the landlord pays the bulk of the rent, while the tenant pays for the water and electricity meters;
  7. Conditions for early termination of the contract. This item must be. In a model contract, one of the parties must give a month or two notice of early termination of the contract;
  8. The number of residents. This clause must be written in the contract so that later it does not turn out that ten people live in the apartment instead of one tenant;
  9. Description of the property. All furniture and household appliances that are in the apartment are indicated. In case of property damage, the tenant is obliged to pay its cost;
  10. Conditions for increasing the monthly fee. For example, you can write in the contract that the rent increases.

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