Real estate agency Alicante Real Estate is a young but ambitious company that deals with the rental and sale of luxury real estate on the Costa Blanca. One of the main features of the company is its innovative approach to work.

Our company uses modern technologies both in sales and rental of real estate. We are constantly improving and applying the best practices so that our clients can get the best experience with our company.

Technological innovations of Alicante Real Estate include modern websites, CRM systems and privacy protection. We are the first in Spain to not collect Cockies files and track users. We provide the best real estate experience for our clients by allowing them to use our services without any registration.

Our company also uses modern sales channels, including Telegram, bots, TikTok and YouTube channel. We strive to be at the forefront of new technologies to improve our customer experience.

Luxury real estate and new buildings in Spain

Alicante Real Estate is not only selling real estate, but also investing in real estate and renting it. Our largest rental unit on the Costa Blanca, Alicante Holiday, sells properties for rent. We provide our investors with the opportunity to receive a constant stream of income from rental properties that we service with ease. Also, for the convenience of our customers, we have launched the largest eco-laundry in Alicante, which works for our customers.

Alicante Real Estate specializes in the sale of luxury real estate on the Costa Blanca. Our catalog includes luxury real estate and new developments Abarzo. We try to satisfy any needs of our clients, providing them with the highest quality of service.

Our company also provides 24/7 support to VIP clients and provides everything necessary to guarantee their clients the safety, comfort and pleasure of working with us.

Alicante Real Estate accepts cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies as a form of payment. We always try to satisfy each client and meet his needs.

One of the main advantages of our company is our own laundry service, which serves all of our facilities. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality of service and support.

Alicante Real Estate brings a new perspective to the real estate business in Spain. We set the rhythm.

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